Meet the Heartsong Team of Certified Instructors



Elizabeth Hagan

(Owner, Certified YOGA Instructor & Teacher Trainer, E-RYT500, Therapeutic YOGA Specialist, Certified Pilates Instructor) 

“I have practiced and taught YOGA since the early 1970’s! I am so very well blessed to have this amazing Team Of Instructors here at Heartsong!

You will love their radiance, their expertise & their kindness in guiding you through practice with meaningfulness and joyfulness!”

Stephanie Dinan (Certified Heartsong Yoga Exercise Specialist, RYT200, Certified Therapeutic YOGA Specialist/TYS)

Stephanie has taken her Y.E.S.II & RYT200 YOGA Teacher Training and Therapeutic Yoga Specialist Certification with Teacher Trainer Elizabeth Hagan. Heartsong loves Stephanie’s amazing YOGA classes and especially her lovely sweet voice! Elizabeth is delighted to have Stephanie teaching lots of YOGA at Heartsong.

“Yoga brings balance to my life. In our high tech, plugged in, over scheduled society, Heartsong YOGA studio provides an oasis of calm. After a long day at work I look forward to coming to the studio and spending time with the amazing staff and students and just soaking up all the positive energy.  As an instructor, my greatest joy is introducing the physical, mental and emotional benefits of YOGA to those who thought they were not physically capable. YOGA is for EVERYBODY and the practice meets us exactly where we are on any given day.”



Annie Gervais (Certified Heartsong Yoga Exercise Specialist, RYT200)

Annie Gervais has been instructing at Heartsong YOGA Studio since the spring of 2014. Annie has accomplished her basic Yoga Teacher Training under the tutelage of Elizabeth Hagan at Heartsong, and is a Certified East to West Yoga Exercise Specialist. Annie is continuing her training endeavours in taking some of the Advanced YOGA Teacher training (RYT200) courses offered at Heartsong. Annie is known in the community as Dr. Gervais or Dr. Annie. She has been providing chiropractic care for people of all ages in Renfrew since 1997, and she brings her wealth of experience and expertise naturally into the realm of YOGA. She is passionate about teaching people how to safely improve their posture and mobility, reduce pain, and enhance their overall well-being. Using a blend of her yoga and chiropractic knowledge, she can reach her goal of helping people achieve a better quality of life. Annie is currently offering Gentle YOGA for Absolute Beginners, and she also instructs Level 1-2 classes at Heartsong on a regular basis as well. Heartsong members enjoy Annie’s upbeat attitude and expert instruction.


Dorothy Garlough  (Heartsong Certified Y.E.S. Yoga Exercise Specialist): 


Dorothy Garlough has been immeresed in YOGA and has attended Heartsong’s YOGA classes since it opened its doors in 2004. She has achieved the Basic Entry Level of YOGA Training – Yoga Exercise Specialist Certification, and continues to take various RYT200 Course & Workshops with Teacher Trainer Elizabeth Hagan. Dorothy teaches several GROUP classes & styles of YOGA  here at Heartsong, as well as helping with the YOGA for Youth program (ages 10-16) We all LOVE Dorothy’s ‘Kentucky accent’ and sweet soothing, encouraging voice! Dorothy says: ” My life vision is to help others consciously Create Tomorrow Today. Helping others to recognize that tomorrow is simply yesterday’s dreams and that you are the creator of your life, is my own highest calling! ”
Dorothy believes (and science is proves) that yoga is not only good  for the brain and body but it is also good for the spirit.  Dorothy  believes we can consciously create a better tomorrow from a state of calmness.

Rev. Dr. Judith Gilchrist (R.N., Heartsong Certified YOGA Exercise Specialist, RYT200,Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master, Ph.D )

Judith Gilchrist

Judith brings an eclectic variety of experience to her yoga practice and teaching. As a Health Coach she has helped numerous individuals find their path to wellness, transforming their lifestyle habits to improve nutrition, fitness and general well-being. Judith offers ‘Past Life Journeys/Adventures’ at Heartsong.
“Live Life with intention, understanding and balanced health.”
Judith is guided by the above statement as she works with people on their life journey.  She believes that we are a culmination of all our experiences and that finding harmony in the journey is essential to our well-being and happiness.“A regular yoga practice promotes and helps maintain physical health, flexibility, and youthfulness as well as mental and emotional well-being.  Yoga – the union of mind and body.”


DSC08199 DSC08195

Bonnie McIntyre (Certified EW/Heartsong Yoga Exercise Specialist, RYT200)

Bonnie is our ‘newest’ graduate: Heartsong Certified YOGA Exercise Specialist. Bonnie has achieved the full Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program and has her Yoga Alliance ‘RYT200 Hour’ Instructor status. Bonnie is an avid runner who came to Heartsong YOGA  a few years back and she is now an ‘inspired’ teacher! You will LOVE her soft voice and gentle encouragement on the yoga floor. We are all very delighted to have Bonnie part of our Heartsong Team!


hollyphoto   Holly O’Neill (Certified EW/Heartsong Yoga Exercise Specialist, RYT200)

Holly O’Neill is as sweet as they come! She is a true ‘natural‘ Yogini and her authenticity as one ‘shines through’! She has accomplished both her Yoga Exercise Specialist Certification as well as her Yoga Alliance Status as RYT200, having taken her training here at Heartsong with Elizabeth. Holly plans to continue her studies in YOGA, and will be enrolled in the Therapeutic Yoga Specialist Teacher Training for the Heartsong 2016-17 Program. Anyone who has enjoyed Holly’s classes can look forward to her return from Carleton University, Ottawa, during her reading weeks and holidays. Elizabeth is sure to slot her into the Heartsong schedule whenever Holly is free!



Lillian Dunbar (Heartsong Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, Y.E.S.Certified, Therapeutic Yoga Specialist, RYT200)

Scott McInnes (Heartsong Certified Y.E.S. Yoga Exercise Specialist, RYT200)

Husband and wife Scott & Lillian share their enthusiasm for both YOGA & Pilates. They are long-standing members & participants. Lillian is one of the senior Pilates Teachers and now both she and Scott are offering their YOGA enthusiasm and expertise here at Heartsong. This pair resonate with authenticity and generosity and YOU will LOVE their classes!

PatHawkinsportraitphotoPat Hawkins (Heartsong Certified Y.E.S. Yoga Exercise Specialist, Therapeutic Yoga Specialist, RYT200)

Pat graduated from the Heartsong RYT200 Program in 2015, and also took the Therapeutic YOGA Specialist training at Heartsong with Elizabeth. Pat and her husband travel to Bali every winter. Pat continues to study the ‘Wisdom Tradition of YOGA’ while there. Heartsong is happy to have Pat with us teaching classes from spring through until fall. (we miss her in the winter! 🙂 )

DSC07972Ashley is the sweet blonde in the middle wearing a blue shirt!

Ashley Briscoe ( Heartsong Certified Y.E.S. Yoga Exercise Specialist, Pre-Natal Yoga Specialist, RYT200)

Ashley graduated from the Heartsong RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Program in the Spring of 2016. Ashley returned to take the RYT500 Applicable Program and is also a Certified Pre-Natal YOGA Exercise Specialist. It is absolutely wonderful to have Ashley providing instruction in Pre-Natal classes here at Heartsong!