Stephanie Dinan and Elizabeth Hagan WELCOME YOU to Heartsong!



The top photo of Heartsong YOGA Instructors Stephanie Dinan and Elizabeth Hagan at the Springtime YOGA Retreat held at Harmony Dawn on May 17-19, 2013.

***PLEASE NOTE: Heartsong Springtime YOGA Retreat 2014 is scheduled for May 9-11, 2014


Stephanie Dinan (RYT200) has taken her YOGA Teacher Training & Certification with Teacher Trainer Elizabeth Hagan.

Heartsong loves Stephanie’s amazing YOGA classes and especially her lovely sweet voice!

Elizabeth is delighted to have Stephanie teaching lots of YOGA at Heartsong!

The bottom picture (above) is of Stephanie instructing at the 2013 Heartsong Springtime YOGA Retreat


This is a photo of Grama Liz holding her youngest granddaughter Aria Marguerite when she came for a visit to Heartsong YOGA Studio!