Stephanie Dinan and Elizabeth Hagan WELCOME YOU to Heartsong!


Heartsong YOGA Instructors Stephanie Dinan and Elizabeth Hagan at the Springtime YOGA Retreat held at Harmony Dawn on May 17-19, 2013.



Meet the Heartsong team! Top left, Posy, Alison, Stephanie, Annie, Kinga,
bottom left, Elizabeth and Lillian. (Missing from photo- Rachael Hedley & Dorothy Garlough)



Stephanie Dinan (RYT200, TYS)

Stephanie has taken her YOGA Teacher Training and Therapeutic Yoga Specialist Certification with Teacher Trainer Elizabeth Hagan. Heartsong loves Stephanie’s amazing YOGA classes and especially her lovely sweet voice! Elizabeth is delighted to have Stephanie teaching lots of YOGA at Heartsong.

“Yoga brings balance to my life. In our high tech, plugged in, over scheduled society, Heartsong YOGA studio provides an oasis of calm. After a long day at work I look forward to coming to the studio and spending time with the amazing staff and students and just soaking up all the positive energy.  As an instructor, my greatest joy is introducing the physical, mental and emotional benefits of YOGA to those who thought they were not physically capable. YOGA is for EVERYBODY and the practice meets us exactly where we are on any given day.”



Annie Gervais (Certified Yoga Exercise Specialist)

Annie Gervais has been instructing at Heartsong YOGA Studio since the spring of 2014. Annie has accomplished her basic Yoga Teacher Training under the tutelage of Elizabeth Hagan at Heartsong, and is a Certified East to West Yoga Exercise Specialist. Annie is continuing her training endeavours in taking some of the Advanced YOGA Teacher training (RYT200) courses offered at Heartsong. Annie is known in the community as Dr. Gervais or Dr. Annie. She has been providing chiropractic care for people of all ages in Renfrew since 1997, and she brings her wealth of experience and expertise naturally into the realm of YOGA. She is passionate about teaching people how to safely improve their posture and mobility, reduce pain, and enhance their overall well-being. Using a blend of her yoga and chiropractic knowledge, she can reach her goal of helping people achieve a better quality of life. Annie is currently offering Gentle YOGA for Absolute Beginners, and she also instructs Level 1-2 classes at Heartsong on a regular basis as well. Heartsong members enjoy Annie’s upbeat attitude and expert instruction.


photoRachaelRachael Hedley (RYT200)

Rachael graduated from the Heartsong EWRYT200 Yoga Teacher Training in April of 2014. She expresses her passion for YOGA in her classroom with her high school students as well as with members of Heartsong YOGA Studio, and Elizabeth is very happy to have Rachael as part of the Heartsong team of Instructors!

In Rachael’s own words: “I love yoga – on the mat and off.  Interestingly, it is a love of running that helped me to find my way to a committed asana practice.  Running can be hard on one’s body and so I took up yoga as a form of preventative maintenance hoping to ensure many more years of safe, injury free runs. I never would have anticipated how beautifully these practices would harmonize with each other.  Now every run involves pranayama, meditation, and total body awareness.  Through yoga I have awakened muscles that were dormant for years and now I can tune into these muscles while running, walking, or even just standing.  In addition to enhancing my life as a runner, yoga has helped me to slow down, relax, and find balance where balance was previously missing.  It has helped me to be more patient with myself and with those around me.  So the question isn’t, “What is there to love about yoga?”, but rather,  “What is not to love about the yoga path?”  There is so much to discover – about oneself as well as the history and philosophy of the practice.”


posy-bennettPosy Bennett (RYT200)

Posy Bennett graduated from the Heartsong/East to West EWRYT200 YOGA Teacher Training Program in April of 2014. Posy has a relaxed, easygoing approach to Yoga – it’s like she has always had yoga innately ‘in her bones’! Elizabeth ‘adopted’ Posy the first class she came to at Heartsong! Through Posy’s love of this ancient practice that is so meaningful in our modern day lives, Elizabeth easily encouraged Posy in her pursuit of becoming a YOGA Instructor. Posy commutes from Kanata to Heartsong YOGA Studio in Renfrew to teach various classes. Elizabeth and all Heartsong members are so very happy to have this gentle, gracious lady as part of our incredible Team of Certified Instructors!

“I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for nearly 20 years but when I discovered Heartsong and Elizabeth’s amazing spirit, I fell completely in love. I was motivated to learn all that I could about the lifestyle, the philosophy and the practice and through the RYT200 Teacher Training program I’ve learned how much I love to share this wonderful path. Through my practice, on and off the mat, I’ve learned so much. Not just about the amazing asana’s, body awareness, alignment and balance, but about inner peace and a resource of energy I never knew. My very favorite thing is when I get someone who is new to yoga in my class and they become inspired to return and start a path of their own.

– Posy