Calendar / Class Schedule


Heartsong Yoga Pilates Studio Renfrew CalendarReduced Schedule of Classes for July & August- but still 8 classes per week to choose from:

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YOGA your Summer ! :-)

Heartsong Summertime ‘Incentive’ & BONUS !!!

Any Class Block Cards Purchased in July or August Include Additional Classes

(Add this to any current valid membership card you may already have – good into the Fall!)

PLUS a $5, $10 or $15 Discount (*depending on Class Block Purchased)

For Heartsong WORLD Boutique (Valid during July-August)

Heartsong Summertime YOGA & Pilates BONUS: JULY & AUGUST

6 Class Block- Add One extra Class for same price! PLUS $5 Discount for Boutique

12 Class Block – Add Two extra Classes for same price! PLUS $10 Discount for Boutique

36 Class Block – Add Three extra classes for same price! PLUS $15 Discount for Boutique

Enjoy your Summer!

YOGA your Life, and LOVE your Pilates!

With Peace, Love & Joy, -Elizabeth

****Check out our amazing Instructors for 2015    

Monday mornings at 9:30 am:‘ABSOLUTE Beginners Gentle YOGA’ with Heartsong Certified Yoga Exercise Specialist Annie Gervais AND Wednesday mornings at 9 am for Slow-Flow VinyasaDr. Annie has years of experience in health & well-being. She is a Chiropractic Doctor and brings much wisdom and expertise into her classes. Annie is also very sweet, enthusiastic & friendly – you will LOVE her classes and this Introductory experience into the healing practice of YOGA!!!

YOGA  with Stephanie Dinan : Stephanie is an experienced Certified Heartsong YOGA Instructor and has been offering her expertise and guidance here at Heartsong for several years. (You will LOVE her wonderful voice and gentle manner of coaxing you into postures….)

YOGA with Judith Gilchrist: Yes – Judith is back in Renfrew and back teaching amazing classes at Heartsong! “Everything is right in the world now that Judith is back”!! :-)

YOGA  with Rachael Hedley or Posy Bennett or Pat Hawkins:  Rachael, Pat and Posy are what Elizabeth refers to as ‘natural Yoginis’ – meaning it’s simply  in their DNA to be an amazing YOGA Instructor!! Join them and enjoy!

YOGA with Holly O’Neill! Holly is a Certified YOGA Exercise Specialist and is continuing her Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Heartsong with Elizabeth. Holly is home from Carleton University and we are delighted to have her teaching YOGA Classes here  throughout the summer. You will love her youthful expertise and especially her upbeat, contemporary music playlists!

Pilates with Lillian Dunbar:- Lillian is always ready to take over the Pilates classes for Elizabeth. Lillian has been practicing Pilates herself for several years and has attained her Pilates Mat Certification under Elizabeth’s tutelage. Come on in and let Lillian lead you through all those incredible Pilates exercises guaranteed to strengthen your back, flatten your belly, trim your waistline and boost your energy! Trust me – she’s so very sweet – you will do anything she asks you to do on that Pilates mat!

Lizzie: well she’s still in there inspiring Heartsong members in both YOGA & Pilates, after over 4 decades of instructing!!!!