Class Descriptions

Elizabeth - French River Rapids

YOGA “Positively invigorating, assuredly life-affirming!”

‘Slow-Flow-Vinyasa’ YOGA Level 1 -2 (L1-2) The ORIGINAL Heartsong YOGA class – begins in Savasana. “Let the breath be your guide & it will teach you how to practice each time to come to the mat….” An incredibly pleasing and life-sustaining adventure! YOGA – attainable to all – integrates the use of props, breath control, deep stretching, relaxation and meditation -flowing in & out of poses to warm up the body before holding and deepening-enjoyably safe! (Options & modifications offered in all classes) A Hatha approach with Slow-Flow-Vinyasa or dynamic breath-sequenced movements linking connections between the asanas (postures). Flow-YOGA brings together a variety of YOGA traditions emphasizing attention to physical detail, mental focus, mindfulness and meditation.  Basic YOGA poses strengthen the body while breathing and relaxation practices encourage peace-of-mind and inner balance. Participants are guided to work within their own levels.  A restorative & refreshing approach designed to rejuvenate, increase flexibility, refresh & relax.

‘Empowering-Vinyasa’ YOGA Level 2 (L 2): Begins in SUKHASANA- then up to Standing, explores Sun Salutations and many creative vinyasa sequences. This is a heat-generating, energetic, breath-sequenced, vigorous Vinyasa YOGA class that will warm you up and boost your energy, release toxins, and will stimulate,detoxify and relax all your body’s systems. This class is offered mostly on Friday mornings at 9:45- 11 am; and on occasion, on Thursdays at 6-7:15 pm. (Previous YOGA experience is advised)

‘Slow-Flow’ / YIN YOGA:  Restorative YIN YOGA – holding the YIN postures for longer periods of time to deeply release the fascia and connective tissues, Use of blankets and cushions to settle in for a ‘healing’ while. All Levels.  A great way to slow down and learn how to be still and calm, and to balance out the busy parts of life in peaceful reflection and rest. YIN poses followed by short Slow-Flow Vinyasa postures and sequences to transition energetically back into your day. Offered occasionally.


PILATES CORE Conditioning: ‘Flatten your belly, strengthen your back, trim your waistline, and energize!”

Pilates: Level 1 Matwork:  An introduction to Pilates – a great place to start! Designed for the Beginner and/or the more mature participant.  Focus on learning the fundamental principles of Pilates, the pre-pilates ‘warm-up’ exercises, and some exercises from the more challenging Matwork series

Pilates: Level 1 – 2 Matwork Classes:

For the slightly more intermediate participant who has been practicing for a while and who has an understanding of the Breath and Movement Guidelines and the Fundamental Principles of Pilates.

More of the challenging exercises, but with options and modifications offered as always.

(Both classes- Sometimes with use of the Pilates ‘Mini-Ball’ and hand-weights)

Pilates On The BALL: Level 2 Stability/Body Ball Pilates CORE Conditioning:

Fun yet transforming; Vigorous yet safe- a method addressing spine, muscle tone, waistline, flexibility & relaxation-


  • Options & modifications are given in each and every class so don’t let the ‘Levels 1 or 2’ stop you from coming IF the time is right for you!
  • You are encouraged to go at your own pace-take a break whenever you please!

Heartsong Studio is happy to offer both individual and group classes in Pilates.

As Pilates was originally designed as a one-to-one training, and because there is much to be personally revealed in regards to the neuromuscular and mind-body connection –1 personal/individual training is recommended, BUT not required. Subsequent group classes may then ‘make more sense’ and allow for increased benefits.