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Wishing You a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful New Year!

A Warm Thanks to all Members & Heartsong’s Team of Amazing Instructors for your continuing support of Heartsong’s programs

I look forward to meeting you on the practice floor for another year of Pilates, YOGA & Well-Being!


Peace, Love & Joy – Elizabeth


Sacred Circle Dance:  Friday,January 26, 2018

7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Location: Heartsong YOGA Studio, Renfrew, ON

Facilitator: Tracey Cummings

Cost: $20.00 plus HST = $22.60      

Limited Registration

 SIGN UP  at Heartsong

Join us for Light Refreshments & Tea afterwards

Pre-Natal YOGA is still Happening! NEW SESSION Begins January 2018

With Heartsong Certified Pre-Natal Yoga Exercise Specialist Ashley Briscoe  (RYT200)

Ashley is the Mother of three children, currently expecting her fourth!

Ashley will enthusiastically lead pregnant participants through a beautiful

YOGA Practice designed especially for the expectant Mother.

COST: $85 plus HST = $96.05

*Pre-Registration at Heartsong is Required (Call 613-433-7346 for more info)

This Program is designed to:

  • Offer a quiet supportive environment for ‘bonding with baby’
  • Alleviate the discomforts of Pregnancy
  • Prepare for that big day when Baby comes into the world!
  • Cultivate good techniques & practices that will in turn foster a quicker Post-Partum recovery
  • Allow social time to get together with other expectant Moms!
  • ***
  • YOGA for MEN Taught by a MAN! Continues in January 2018!
  • With Heartsong Certified YOGA Instructor Scott McInnes (RYT200)Scott will lead men who have been ‘thinking about trying yoga’ but perhaps who have been intimidated to enter a mostly female class, through a gentle, introductory YOGA Practice designed to inspire, release tension, alleviate stiffness, promote mindfulness and to acquiring the skill to RELAX consciously with intention. YOGA for MEN with other MEN taught by a MAN! 


CROCHET Creations with Emily!- We are having such a good time! AND ‘learning’ too! 

 6 Week Session Begins January 2018

Tuesday Evenings 7:30-9 pm with Emily Dupuis

(Pre-Registration Required)

Please see the Happenings page for full details

(Come for Pilates-YOGA-Fusion on Tuesdays from 6:15-7:15 pm, – stay for CROCHET Creations!!!)

Heartsong School of Teacher Training & Certification- see the 2017-18 Program at our Teacher Training page on this site.

HEARTSONG YOGA Studio – Get strong & flexible, calm & relaxed; Learn to manage stress & emotions, positively influence your other fitness activities.  Make healthier lifestyle choices; Breathe PEACE into your Life……


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YOGA & Pilates

Energy * Strength * Flexibility * Balance & Harmony * Peace of Mind

Gentle YOGA * Slow-Flow Vinyasa YOGA * Power-Vinyasa YOGA * YIN YOGA

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Pilates CORE Matwork * Pilates CORE on the Body BALL


*YOGA for Youth (ages 10-15) Begins Sept. 22/16


*Post-Natal YOGA for Moms & Babies Begins Sept. 29/16

Heartsong offers YOU a Team of Certified & Enthusiastic Instructors!


AnnieGervaisJudith GilchristhollyphotoDSC00456

Elizabeth Heartsong Yoga Pilates Renfrew

Elizabeth Hagan

 Dorothy, Annie, Judith, Holly, Stephanie  – More photos soon to come!YOGA your Life, and LOVE your Pilates!

With Peace, Love & Joy, -Elizabeth

****Check out our amazing Instructors for 2017-18 (They have all taken their Training here at Heartsong!)

Stephanie Dinan * Annie Gervais * Lillian Dunbar * Judith Gilchrist  * Dorothy Garlough * Pat Hawkins * Holly O’Neill * Ashley Briscoe * Scott McInnes

Lizzie: well she’s still in there inspiring Heartsong members in both YOGA & Pilates, after over 4 decades of instructing!!!!