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Heartsong YOGA Studio

Monday Sept. 22/14

7:30-8:45 pm

“An Enlightening Evening with Karma Jampa Dakpa”

David ( Karma Jampa Dakpa) has been studying Tibetan Buddhism and practicing Tibetan Meditation and Internal Kung-Fu for many years. He has taught in the California Desert / Palm Springs area for over 15 years.  In studying Tibetan Buddhism, David has had teachings from various famous Lamas over the past 40 years. These include; HH, The 14TH Dali Lama, HH The 16th Gyalma Karmapa, HH The Dali Lama’s Older Brother; and of course, his own root Guru – The Ven. Karma Thinley Rinpoche.  He is a practitioner of the Kagu Sect of Tibetan Buddhism and primarily carries out his practice in the California Desert.

Karma Jampa Dakpa studies have included “The Six Yogas of Naropa”, Transference of The Consciousness”, and “Dream Yoga”.

“During the short time available, David will attempt to conduct the following:”

15 Minutes of Discussion

15 Minutes of Meditation

30 Minutes of Internal Kung-Fu (Tai Chi)

15 Minutes Discussion

“Open to Everyone”

Donations Appreciated – All Proceeds towards International Children’s Awareness Canada

About ICA Canada
International Children’s Awareness (ICA) Canada is a non-profit organization committed to long-term development throughout countries in need. Our aid encompasses a wide area of concern yet our focus is in one area:

‘We believe education is the greatest gift that can be given to anyone.’
For the children we find in third world and developing countries, knowledge can open many doors to unimaginable opportunities.
100% of all donations, monetary or otherwise, go directly to the projects (and we do welcome donations of all kinds). There are no administration costs allotted to the members of the ICA, including travel funds and expenses. We operate on a strict volunteer basis and we pay all of our own expenses. All projects are closely monitored and evaluated – and we make regular trips to check the status of our work.
ICA Canada is a registered charity (Registration # 88785-8660-RR-0001). Donations of $10 or more will receive a tax receipt.
About the ICA LOGO:
THE CHILD – All of our projects focus on children around the world, although many of our programs ultimately benefit entire communities. RED/WHITE CONTRAST – Represents our charity’s strong support of equality among people regardless of ethnic background. THE ROUNDNESS (arms) – Represents our global presence. THE SQUARE (body) – Represents the solid foundation on which our charity is based. THE HEART – Represents love for all children who are suffering.




charming accommodations…..cleansing cuisine…..healing, energizing, calming, revitalizing daily actions…..reawakening to grace….perfectly life transforming


“Breathe PEACE into your Life…..PEACE into the World……..

Heartsong Winter YOGA & Well-Being Retreat

Tulum Beach Mexico

Feb. 28-March 7, 2015 Sun * Sand * Sea * – SAMADHI


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Heartsong Annual Studio Springtime YOGA Retreat 2015

Your OM Away from Home:

Home is where the HEART is – 

Look to the Light Within !  

WHEN:  May 8-10, 2015                 

WHERE:  Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre- Ontario’s Ecological Friendly Retreat

Harmony Dawn is completely off the power grid and generates most of its power from wind and sun. Its features include many leading edge sustainable energy technologies. Harmony Dawn’s facility is regarded as one of the “greenest” buildings in Canada. This beautiful centre is located on Rice Lake approximately a three-hour, ‘picturesque’ drive from Renfrew, in the wonderful rolling hills of Northumberland County. Unique in its vision and design, Harmony Dawn was constructed to inspire harmony, balance and transformation in both the “external” and “internal” (within yourself) environment, making it ideal for healing and transformative retreats and workshops.

Enjoy a celebratory, springtime weekend:

  • 5 Diverse YOGA & Meditation sessions in beautiful Harmony Dawn overlooking meadow, forest & blue sky, with Heartsong YOGA Instructors Elizabeth & Stephanie
  • 6 Delightful & Deliciously Wholesome Vegetarian Meals created by macrobiotic chef Nicola Lawrence, chef/manager of Harmony Dawn & author of amazing cookbooks
  •  Art Class with Alison Steele-Myers’: TBC
  • Time for you …… Celebrate Your True SELF, to explore the Wisdom World in your Tree of Life this Springtime in company with ‘other awesome, adventurous, open-hearted Yogis & Yoginis!!!!

“sometimes you just need to take  some special time for yourself……”

$355.00 plus HST = $401.15        *A deposit of $175.00 is required to reserve your spot.

*Includes all meals, accommodations, yoga sessions, & art materials

*Space is limited so please register early.

   “What a great Christmas GIFT Idea!!!”




An amazing time was had by all who attended the 3rd Annual Heartsong Springtime YOGA Retreat, held again in the beautiful natural settings of Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre in the rolling hills of Northumberland County.  

2013 Heartsong Retreat

Bottom Row left to right – Posy Bennett, Stephanie Dinan, Elizabeth Hagan and Ardella Schutt

Top Row left to right – Christine Singleton, Sharon Singleton, Danielle Richardson, Sharon Lucano, Julie Cafley and her Mom Pat, Linda Ledbetter, Maura Dinan

Missing from photo: Kate Windle and Jane Fulton


Stephanie Dinan leading a morning Yoga class.

Heartsong Studio Springtime YOGA Retreat 2013

 Heartsong - Words from the Heart


A wonderful photo of 2011 YOGA Retreat:

Yoga Retreat 2011 

Heartsong Studio Springtime YOGA Retreat 

This took place:  May 27-29, 2011

We all had an incredibly magical weekend at Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre- Ontario’s Ecological Friendly Retreat



 Dear Reader:

We would like to share with you our impressions and thoughts regarding Elizabeth Hagan’s Heartsong Springtime Yoga Retreat held on May 27 – 29, 2011 at Harmony Dawn, not far from Peterborough, Ontario. My husband, Jim Muckle, and I had the most wonderful experience with Elizabeth (and a dozen plus other yoga enthusiasts). I am her great fan and supporter. I have studied both Yoga and Pilates under Elizabeth’s wise and gentle guidance; and I am proud to say I am one of her first Registered Yoga Teachers at the 200 hour level. I also qualified this year under her instruction as a Pilates Mat Instructor. I therefore want to affirm that Elizabeth’s depth of knowledge and skill in guiding and teaching Yoga is profound. She designed and delivered an incredible two day retreat for all of us that touched the hearts and souls of each participant in a unique way, no matter their background and experience. She brought humour, warmth and caring to the journey we all made together that offered not only a soft, restorative atmosphere that healed and nurtured each one of us in our own way, but also added a dimension of learning and discovery that exceeded our expectations. A centerpiece of the experience was a focus on mandalas. Not only did we learn about them but we each also had the most amazing opportunity to work with a true artist, Anna Luczak, and to create our own mandala on canvas in a painting workshop. That was incredible!

Furthermore, supporting this wonderful retreat, was the experience of spending two full days at Harmony Dawn, – a totally “green” facility that offered us a unique educational opportunity in being “off the grid.” This magical place has been recognized as a leader in eco-friendly construction. Harmony Dawn was created and built, and has been operated since 2005, by Andy James and Nicola Lawrence. We dined on “5 star” vegetarion cuisine prepared by Nicola that went far beyond our expectations.

Jim and I look forward to Elizabeth’s next retreat!

Nancy Timbrell-Muckle & Jim Muckle
Ottawa, Ontario